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Actualizado: 9 abr 2022

DDHH - World Health Organization

The fight for Uighurs’ rights

Dana Lukauskis

The topic of today’s commission was the Uyghur forced labor camps in Xinjiang, China. The labor camps were created as a response to the protests in 2017 from the Uighurs against the Chinese government for the oppression of their religious values. Thousands of Uighurs, predominantly Muslims, are being detained in forced labor camps in Western China where they are being obligated to work without earning any capital to export Chinese products. The Chinese authorities, through threats of physical violence and sexual abuse, aim to reeducate the Uighurs to restrain violent actions from resurfacing against the Chinese people and preventing the ideals of Chinese culture to be altered by other ethnic and religious values. The nations are concerned about the violation of human rights that the Uighurs have suffered and how there has been no action taken to solve this issue. Overall, the delegates propose to work together to settle this issue and get to a solution where everyone is satisfied. Despite everyone agreeing to solve this conflict and stopping any more innocent deaths, the process of settling a decision where everyone is happy has been turbulent. Even if all of the countries are positioned against China in this matter, the countries went astray from their purpose to call each other out for being hypocritical based on their past conduct and historical events.

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