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All U Need for Halloween

Sofia Arango and María Guzman, 11th grade

The year is flying by! Summer feels like yesterday, but as soon as we realize it's already thanksgiving and in the blink of an eye it will be christmas. However, we can't miss out on  one of teen’s favorite holidays; Halloween. It involves bone-chilling frights, but today we save you from one of these scares which is what costume to wear while maintaining a budget and saving time. This often feels like a lot, especially if you are planning to dress up with more people, like friends or your partner. Plus what better idea than transforming your costume from basic to a fashion and trending statement. Yes, we understand your worries, but don't hesitate, because this weight is rested from your shoulders. Read below to find the perfect costumes:


All over school people gush over Euphoria. It gives a particular highschool insider view into topics such as drugs, sex and teenage years. If you a deeper insight on the series head over to LINK DEL ARTICULO. 

Needless to say, its costume design is without a doubt some of the edgiest and coolest pieces. Vintage outfits are combined with grunge and style. This look is perfect on your own, but you can try it with your bestie. In other words, here are some mesmerizing and quite different from each other styles. 

1. Rue

If you are feeling it for comfy and oversized clothes, with a hint of edgy and a little of I could care less, Rue is the perfect fit for you. Her outfits are quite easy and stay in the cheaper side. All you need is:

  • Oversized hoodie: we all have one of these hoodies sitting in the back of our closets. Bonus points if it's worn out. If you specifically want her hoodie, we have good news! It retails for only 11 dollars at Amazon.

  • Grungy t-shirt: This t-shirt should be leaning over the tomboy look, most of us have one.  Still, you can easily make your own. To do this, simply grab an old white t-shirt and you can tye-dye it. This option may take a bit of time. But on the internet there are many graphic tees like Rue’s. You can check out Romwe, online shopping store which has la tye dye at 9 dollars.

  • Sneakers and jeans: All you need for these is to make sure that they are plain and monochromatic. Feel free to switch the jeans for sweatpants

  • Tips: Eyebags are encouraged. You can amp it up curling your hair, but make sure its in a messy way. You must look laid-back.  

2. Jules

This character really gets herself out there. Feel free to experiment and go crazy.

  • Skirt: Ideally search for a mini skirt with bright colors such as pink, purple or blue. 

  • Blouse: You need a crop top blouse with outgoing pastels, shimmer and quirky prints. You can sear for some ideas at clothing stores like SHEIN which retails at prices as low as 5 dollars.

  • Hair: Hit up your local costume shop for some cheap wigs. It should be light blonde and the tips dyed with cool ombre colors. 

  • Accessories: Thrift shops have fun accessories to use. Jules follows no rules, except go all in. Buy chokers, false lashes, bracelets and all the shinier the better. And don't forget about the makeup glitter is fundamental as well as expressive and dramatic looks. 


Since Us premiered we have all been shook. This costume is great for this year's spooky season. And to be honest it is quite simple. Especially for a group of friends, because group costumes are often the most difficult to arrange. For this costume you need:

  • Red jumpsuit: You can easily find jumpsuits at hardware or halloween stores. You can buy it red or color it in your house. The jumpsuit should be functional and loose. 

  • Brown shoes: The idea is for the shoes to be brown leather huarache sandals. However, if these are too complicated or expensive you can use any brown or dark toned shoes(sneakers or sandals). 

  • Accessories: Apart from the jumpsuit, the accessories will really set you apart. For these you will need a pair of faux scissors and fingerless leather gloves. 


The new season is out! If you thought season one was the end of this twisted story, you weren’t close to figuring out the new paths it was going to take. New characters, different personalities, and new costumes are now at the glance of each teenage eye. 

But here is the twist for this halloween’s custome…

Why copy last year’s design when you can make a whole different one without having to change the characters from your favorite series? Instead of dressing up like them, let's try to be them!

If you are a real fan you must remember the iconic Halloween party at Rebe’s house where the real drama was revealed, but, most importantly, where some fancy costumes were shown to be admired.

1. Lucrecia…

(or should I say Frida Kahlo?) 

If you are in the mood for an iconic halloween costume that will also make you look as beautiful as the very Lucrecia Montesinos then this one's for you…

  • Down to the knee black dress: we all have that black dress hanging in the back of our closet waiting for the perfect opportunity to be shown and what better opportunity than this one?

  • Flower crown: what is easier to find than a flower crown in a kids store? NOTHING!

  • Stickers: for the final touch buy some face stickers and place them around your eye (left one to be more precise)

  • Play around with the makeup and earrings to add your own personal mark to your perfect imitation of Lucrecia as Frida Kahlo!

2. Carla...

This character is betting on the other team! If you are feeling sexier this Halloween then this costume is for you!

  • White (a little show off) dress: if you don’t have that black dress then you must have the white one that goes perfect with the neon lights

  • Mask: this mask only covers your eyes to add a little suspense to the whole outfit, but the best way to wear it is with the company of that killer look

  • Hair: if you do not like wigs then don’t worry about it because by being able to braid the top part of your hair a little messy and letting the rest down in a ponytail kind of way you add the sassy last touch!

Easy, home-made, cute costumes are now in your hand reach so don’t hesitate to change who you are and become who you dream to be, even if it is for a short period of 8 hours or less!!

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