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Alternative Holiday playlist

Actualizado: 11 dic 2018

By: Mateo Arango López, 12

December means the start of the holiday season . . . After various months of endless heat and work, everything has already fallen into place; that is why I put together a selection of songs that go along well with this season.

I organized the playlist in order to have a linear run through a few aspects and feelings brought to everyone’s hearts through the season. The groups extend through a variety genres from Metal to Kpop, but all present similar rhythmic and atmospheric qualities.

EXO - 지나갈 테니 (Been Through)

This soft track sets the base mood for the list; it talks about the moments that have passed, and the lights that keep on shining.

Dream Theater - Our New World (ft. Lzzy Hale)

The mood begins to go up as this track progresses, with its bright theme of love and doing anything to keep it alive.

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

The hook of the playlist lies here; it is the loudest song; it talks about beginnings and ends, along with a sweet melody.

SHINee - Colorful

This upbeat Christmas song keeps the mood stable, even though it takes the volume down a notch. Like others, it deals with gratefulness.

Taylor Swift - All Too Well

At the end of the year, country pop songs like this color the sky on a moody note, emphasizing on the sweetness of the cold days.

EPICA - This is the Time

This acoustic song has a winter vibe to its harmonies that makes it sound much better on cold days.

Guns N’ Roses - Patience

Before ending, it's good to have acoustic rock; this song, paints the scene of being at peace with time, and through it, a winter vibe.

Nightwish - Alpenglow

In a more instrumentally pacific song, this one paints a beautiful morning during winter, near the mountains.

Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin

Second to last, an upbeat rock track, which, simply put, takes a ride through the feeling of finding oneself, through the season that is winter.

BTS - Euphoria

To close off is a soft song, about one of the most important of moods when you get to the end of the calendar’s line.

Aside from songs, I have also put together a colorful selection of records that, in my opinion, paint the sky like nothing else during this time.

Queen - Made in Heaven

Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts

SMTown - Winter: The Warmest Gift

CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe

Girls’ Generation (TTS) - Dear Santa

Taeyeon - This Christmas

That is it, happy holidays!

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