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Bolivar Garden

by: Natalia Rompf

Ever since Dr. Waliszewski arrived at Colegio Bolivar, he was met with many students and questions of “why are there no hands-on electives?”, to which Dr. Waliszewski took initiative and decided to start one of his own. After interest from many 11th and 12th grade students were found, and approval from Dr. Nagy, Dr. Waliszewski finally had the opportunity to create a new elective of agriculture. What stands out about this elective is the way that students are able to use a bunch of outside knowledge from most of the everyday-taught subjects and incorporate them into the garden. Dr. Waliszewski wishes to teach this young generation of students the real value of land, how to make use of it, and how to protect it. Students are able to work independently but also grow in their teamwork skills. I personally have had the chance to see Dr.

Waliszewski and the students working on the garden, and I think it's incredible how a small piece of land is able to come to live in multiple different forms, all because of the passion and dedication coming from the students and Dr. Waliszewski. I extremely encourage everyone and anyone to check out the garden, see the beauties of nature that Dr. Waliszewski and students are able to produce, and perhaps take on gardening themselves or even join the agriculture family.

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