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The final resolution of the Palestinan-Israeli conflict

Dana Lukauskis

In today’s commission, the delegates of the United Nations centered on resolving the concerning extended conflict between Israel and Palestine. The nations finally agreed that it was time to stop pointing fingers at each other in order to settle a decision that will stop. The council members agree on one thing: separating equally the disputed territory, which is Palestine and Israel. However, they disagree on the strategies on how they will settle the division, keeping both nations satisfied in order to protect the civilians.

The United States during the lobby time (discussion time among the delegates) approached to Rusia and asked for an alliance, recognizing Palestine as a sovereign state, which is not permitted as they economically support the Israeli army. Russia declined the alliance, calling out the United States for being hypocritical to their political and diplomatic principles. They separated themselves on two blocks: 2.2 Russia and China (supporting Palestine) and 2.1 Canada and the United States (supporting Israel).

The delegates voted and therefore settled the draft resolution 2.1 passed, finally putting an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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