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DÍA 2 DDHH - World Health Organization

Actualizado: 9 abr 2022

DDHH - World Health Organization

The Never ending Palestine-Israeli Conflict

Dana Lukauskis

At the beginning of today’s commission, the delegates of the United Nations proposed their Papers of Resolutions in order to put an end to the violation of the human rights of the Uighurs community happening in the concentration camps located in Western China. The nations voted and they decided that the proposal made by the United States is the best solution to save the Uighurs and settle with the Chinese government.

Thus, allowing the second topic of the commission to begin: the abuse of authority by beligerent parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The conflict began decades ago when there was an agreement between the United Nations where territories were designated in between Palestine and Israel. Through the years, the Palestine territory disproportionately shrank in size. This territory dispute generated what seems to be a never ending conflict between both of these nations. Millions of lives have been ended and many more are still in danger from the mutual missile and rocket attacks.

This humanitarian crisis screams for help from the United Nations council, hence the purpose for this meeting. After the opening speeches made by each delegate, the United States took the floor to blame this entire conflict on Palestine’s coalition with the terrorist Hama group. This intervention sparked a heated conflict between the delegates that escalated pretty quickly leading to multiple acts of disrespect against those who favored Palestine (China, Russia, Iran, among others) and the United States. The council members need to realign their priorities, saving the lives of the innocent, instead of turning against one another to decide on who is right and who is to blame.

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