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Don Simón

Actualizado: 23 oct 2019

By: Wojciech Simon Waliszewski

In the year 1819, Simón Bolívar, El Liberador, gained Independence for La Gran Colombia. In 2019, the bicentennial of Colombia, it is only fitting that the coffee produced at Colegio Bolivar should be called Don Simón!.

Don Simón has been organically grown from seed to harvest by students, teachers, staff and members of the Bolivar Community. New and existing trees on the Bolivar campus provide shade and valuable nutrients, stabilize the slope, and increase the biodiversity in the Bolivar Garden.

We hope you enjoy Don Simón, the fruit of the Colegio Bolivar community, an AdvancEd accredited, K-12 bilingual shool, in Cali, Colombia.

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