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Girl Online

By: Sara Carrascal, 11º

Girl Online is the book written by British youtuber and blogger, Zoe Sugg. The book tells the story of Penny Porter, a shy, talented young lady who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety after a catastrophic car accident threatened to end her life. Despite her issues, Penny finds the best way to escape her problems is through her blog, Girl Online, where she writes anonymously.

After an embarrassing accident at school, Penny and her family travel to New York, where she meats Noah Flynn (aka Brooklyn Boy), aspiring music star. After a short stay in the city that never sleeps, Penny and Noah ignite a spark between them.

The book has a sweet and catchy narration accompanied by a sutil description that makes the reader engage since page one. The soothing tone of the story, sets the reader at ease, preparing the reader for a stress-free afternoon.

Girl Online is fantastique because of how relatable it gets. It is an ordinary story with an extraordinary touch, however, it has a problem. After book one, comes book two and after two, comes three. When a book becomes a series, it is because it still has something to say. It is because it still has business to attend to. The first book of Girl Online isn’t missing anything. It doesn’t feel like it still has something to say. After finishing a good book, a bitter feeling always follows. It’s always heartbreaking that something good comes to an end, but it also brings joy because you are still left with your imagination and the endless possibilities of what can happen next.

I feel like the second book kills that possibility. It crashes your illusions by continuing their love story. It just gets worse in book three. If you are looking for a fast, easy, catchy read, you should pick this book, however, it is not necessary to read the other two. They ruin the magic that Zoe Sugg clearly has worked hard to construct.

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