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Instructions Not Included– No Refunds Accepted

Actualizado: 14 sept 2020

By: María Guzmán 11° We have all asked, at least once in our lives, for school to be over, for responsibility to go away, for early mornings to disappear, and now we got it and now we don’t want it.

Because when we asked for this, we thought it would be different: 1. We would be every day surrounded by friends 2. No responsibility to think about 3. Summer twelve months long 4. Tan lines 5. Parties 6. Traveling 7. Family time

But that’s too much to ask for and when you asked for school to be over, they weren’t any instructions included. So take a look at REALITY: 1. Coronavirus = no friends 2. Hello virtual classes; more time = more homework for you 3. Summer? You are studying 4. Tan lines?

5. Parties? More like Houseparty 6. Traveling? Didn’t you receive the memo about world-wide quarantine? 7. Family time all the time

But even if you think that it’s the end of the world because for a few Fridays you won’t be able to go out, because you can’t see your boyfriend, because your best friend hasn’t seen you in two weeks, and because your family is more annoying than you remembered. Well let me tell you how you can spend your time so that at the end of the day you will eventually miss the quarantine:


1. Read a good book because after a while your computer and phone screen won’t have anything else to show you.

2. Cook something you like either if you are fit or fat there are recipes for every kind of food and it always tastes better when it’s done by you.

3. Play a long-lasting game with your family for example: “You are the Boss” where you mix your family member’s names and randomly pick one, the one you get is your boss until the quarantine is over and they have to ask for a maximum of six favors and a minimum of 2, you have the whole day to do them, and by the end of the day you count who did everything they were asked to. At the end of quarantine, you will know who has the most points and that person can ask for one thing to the rest of the family!

4. Exercise!!!! Exercising releases endorphins which, scientifically proven, make you happier, so why don’t you be happy when you’re at home?

5. Go to the pool because even if you say you have a lot of homework, I bet it is better when you are doing it with your swimsuit on and waiting for a TAN to show on your skin.

6. Study because even if this might seem like it’ll make your days longer, it will actually help you progress and advance on what you are going to have to do when there’s actually no more quarantine and you want to see your friends.

7. Spend time with your family because, even if they are annoying at times, they are the best people you will ever surround yourself with.

Complaining won’t make time go faster, but doing something with all the time you have will. Remember that day when you had so many things to do and didn’t have time, or the day when you didn’t want to go out, but your friends forced you to, or when your sister was away and you wanted to have her home, take advantage of what life has given you because when life throws lemons at you, catch them and make some lemonade!!!

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