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Lucas and Lola

Actualizado: 7 dic 2018

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Por: Sara Solorzano

Lucas and Lola, as I walk closer towards my door, I can hear them sniff and bark.They know I’m home. I open the door slowly, expecting lots of doggy kisses. I don’t even have time to think before they’re both jumping on me, getting me all dirty and maybe even ripping my shirt a bit. But it’s okay, because I’m happy to see them. They will both come upstairs with me, except Lola will get her toy so I can throw it at her, and Lucas will just go straight to my room, and jump in my bed. I will play with Lola for a bit, and then go and lay in my bed next to Lucas. He’ll give me even more kisses until eventually he falls asleep (can’t miss his daily nap). Lucas follows me everywhere. If I get up to go to the bathroom, he’ll wait for me outside my bathroom until I come out. If I go get water, he will follow me to the kitchen. Crazy Lola will probably just be running around, releasing all the puppy energy she has. When it’s finally time for dinner, they will both come downstairs, excitedly wagging their tails, as they know it’s their perfect opportunity to get some delicious human food. When I’m sitting down having dinner, they’re both right there, ready to catch anything that might fall off my plate. Lola will put her head on my leg and stare at me with her adorable puppy eyes, and Lucas will put both his legs on my lap and “cry” as if he hasn’t been fed in years. It’s impossible to resist, I must give them at least something. The next day, as I leave to go to school, I look at them and say, “bye Lucas, bye Lola, don’t worry, I’ll be right back”. Lucas and Lola, oh how much I love those two.

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