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Time for Us

By: Mateo Arango López

This past year, like the ones before, I dug into a musical genre that pushes my boundaries as a listener. I chose Korean pop music in order to see what the market in the east has to offer, and I can not say I am disappointed. Hence why, for the new year, I want to review a record that came out not long ago in order to invite you to dig into a this genre; the album in question is Time for Us by 여자친구 [yeo-ya-chin-gu] (Stylized in English as Gfriend).

The album, accordingly to the genre’s format, opens with its title track, “Sunrise”. A bright song, accompanied by a gorgeous set of strings in the back - to the likes of The Cure’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” As the six members change lines, the song progresses, building into a soft climax, and going down again. The album has twelve tracks, all of which follow a similar pattern (like it is common with the group), and out of which I would suggest “Memoria”, “A Starry Sky”, and “Sunrise.” These songs fly with energy to the likes of some of the big American groups like Coldplay; and their choreographies and dedication are as energetic as a show from the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift!

The group has had several upbeat title tracks in the past few years, such as “Me Gustas Tu,” “Summer Rain,” and “Love Whisper.” These songs show the orb of light that glows around them like no others, an audible phenomenon that can be good or bad - depending on who is listening.

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