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Your Seasonal Must Watch List

Paula Puerto, Jose Luis Salinas

With so many new movies, there's nothing like a good throwback for October. Allow us to take you back and remind you of the best 13 Halloween Classics. 

1. Starting with the all-time number #1: Hocus Pocus.

There's nothing better than a trip down memory lane. Best Halloween Movie. Ever. 

2. The nightmare before Chrtimas!

How could you not love Jack Skellington?

3. Coraline

Even if it’s too weird to put into words, she never fails to take our breath away.

4. A forever classic: Casper. 

Don't worry, we ALL wanted to keep him. 

5. Two sisters, two witches: Twitches

The Disney classic that will forever remain in our list (and hearts). 

6. We could never forget the: Adams Family. 

They're creepy and they're kooky: just perfect for Halloween.

7. Who you gonna call? 

How about three parapsychologists who started a New York ghost-busting business? 

8. It's not all about spooks!

 If you are looking for a love story, we have just the right one: Edward Scissorhands

9. The spookiest one of all: Monster House.

 If you don't believe us, go watch it yourself. 

10. You wouldn't want to wake up to him. 

Tim Burton created the masterpiece Beetlejuice: get ready to be spooked all over again. 

11. Here comes everyone's childhood movie: Halloweentown. 

There can never be enough re-watchs. 

12. Corpse Bride: A reminder of love. 

Simply amazing. Be careful what you whisper to at night… or who...

13. Tim Burton. We bow down to you. 

Thanks for bringing Frankenweenie to life (or not). 

We hope you enjoy your Halloween marathon as much as we will. Happy Spooky Season!

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